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Converge Consulting is a boutique consultancy firm incorporated in the United Arab Emirates and providing advisory services to clients based in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. Our team consists of ex-international bankers, specialized in financial, investment and financial crime compliance advice. Our team have previous experience in providing services to large local corporates, SMEs and public sector bodies throughout the GCC Countries. 

Risk management is a key facet of any business operating in today's business environment, our team of experts are trained to support you in developing in house risk management frameworks that enable the business to drive sustainable profits and enhance returns on investment and bottom line profitability. 

Our vision is to help our clients achieve sustainable growth, through prudent decision making and establishing best in class risk management frameworks. At Converge Consulting we believe in driving profits that are balanced and sustainable.

In an ever changing world, financial crime is becoming increasingly prominent and resulting in large monetary penalties being levied on Banks and businesses across the globe. Our vision is to ensure financial crime does not hinder your business aspirations; rather albeit an enabler for successfully growing revenues and profitability.


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